Check Out The Best Robi Recharge Minute Offer Now!

Hey there, friends! I’ve got some great news to share from Robi. Recharge your Robi number now and get extra minutes for free. It’s like a little bonus to make your calls even better. Need more time for important calls or want to socialize with friends, this offer is perfect for you. Just recharge your Robi number, and enjoy talking without any stress. Cool, right? Don’t miss out on the Robi Recharge Minute offer – recharge your Robi number now and enjoy talking without any Hassle

Best Robi Recharge Minute Offer 2024

All Robi Prepaid and Postpaid customers are eligible for the offer. These offers are not Auto-renew applicable to the pack. The price includes the gov levy.

TakaMinutes ValidityActivation Code
14 Taka19 Minutes12 Hour*123*1419# Or Recharge 14 Taka
19 Taka27 Minutes1 Day*123*1927# Or Recharge 19 Taka
29 Taka45 Minutes2 Days*123*2945# Or Recharge 29 Taka
39 Taka55 Minutes3 Days*123*039# Or Recharge 39 Taka
49 Taka70 Minutes4 Days*123*4970# Or Recharge 49 Taka
59 Taka80 Minutes 5 Days*123*59# Or Recharge 59 Taka
69 Taka95 Minutes 7 Days*123*69100# Or Recharge 69 Taka
99 Taka140 Minutes 7 Days*123*69100#Or Recharge 99 Taka
109 Taka160 Minutes 7 Days*123*0108#Or Recharge 99 Taka
119 Taka198 Minutes7 Days*123*0108#Or Recharge 119 Taka
139 Taka160 Minutes15 Days*123*139#Or Recharge 139 Taka
159 Taka210 Minutes15Days*123*149#Or Recharge 159 Taka
129 Taka140 Minutes30 Days*123*0129#Or Recharge 129 Taka
169 Taka190 Minutes30 Days*123*169#Or Recharge 159 Taka
199 Taka260 Minutes30 Days
Or Recharge 199 Taka
259 Taka390 Minutes30 Days*123*259#Or Recharge 259 Taka
Robi Recharge Minute Offer

If you need To check the Minutes balance, dial *222*2#.

  • Wait 10 seconds after seeing your Robi Minutes balances

Robi 48 Poisa offer

Robi has some awesome deals waiting for you! Imagine extra talk time, bonuses, and loads of data designed to make your mobile experience fantastic.

Best offer of all time Enjoy Robi 48 Poisha /minute call rate

Get ready for the best talk-time deals and call rates with Robi! Talking to your friends and family is now super affordable. Robi always provides affordable call rates and special deals for its customers.

  • This offers a Validity of 15 Days.
  • Available only at any local number in the 11 PM – 9 AM time band.
  • This offer buy code *123*48#

To check your remaining minutes on Robi, simply Dial 121 and press the call button.

Robi New Sim Offers

Welcome to the most favorite 4.5G network in Bangladesh. Join us today and enjoy fast data, clear calls, and unlimited texts at an amazing price. Don’t miss out – make the switch and stay connected effortlessly!

New user offers

A first-time recharge of 42 Taka will get
60 minutes with 7 days validity
3 GB internet with 7 days validity
60 paisa/minute with a 1-second pulse call rate for 30 days to any number
Binge subscription is free for 30 days
Robi New Sim Offers
A first-time recharge of 82 Taka will get
30 minutes with 7 days validity
2.5 GB internet with 7 days validity
60 paisa/minute with a 1-second pulse call rate for 30 days to any number
Binge subscription is free for 30 days
Robi New Sim Offers

Robi Balance Check : *2#

Robi bondho sim offer

Welcome back, dear old Robi SIM user! We are very happy that you have returned to us. We’ve made some exciting upgrades and added new features since your last visit. Get ready for an amazing experience! We are improving your connection with our latest offers and 4.5G network. Thank you for choosing Robi again – let’s stay connected and make every moment count.

Welcome Back Robi Offers
TakaBenifitsValidityActivation Code
75 taka175 minute30 Days*212*678#
89 taka8 GB7 Days*212*602#
197 taka18 GB + 50 paisa/min30 Days*212*697#

Check Robi Offers: Dail *888#

How to Activate Robi Minute Offer

To activate a Robi Minute offer, you normally need to follow the clear steps provided by Robi. The activation process is subject to change depending on the offer and promotions that are available. Here are general steps you can follow:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you are qualified for the specific minute offer. Some offers are available to everyone, while others are only for specific people.
  2. Check Offer Details: Know the details of the minute offer, including the number of minutes provided, the validity period, and any additional benefits. This information is usually available on Robi’s official website, through SMS notifications, or by contacting customer service.
  3. Recharge Account: If the offer needs a recharge, make sure you have enough money in your Robi account.
  4. Activation Code: Dial a special code to activate the offer. You can find this code in the offer details Best Robi Recharge Minute Offer 2024
  5. SMS Activation: In some cases, you may need to send a specific SMS to a designated number to activate the minute offer. The required text and the destination number will be mentioned in the offer details.
  6. Use the My Robi App: Check if you can activate the offer using the “My Robi” app. It’s an easy way to manage your account.
  7. Customer Service: If you’re not sure what to do or have problems, just call Robi’s customer service. They’ll help you out.

It’s recommended to visit Robi’s official website, check their promotional messages, or contact customer service.

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