Banglalink Internet Offer Updated List 2024

Banglalink is making sure their internet is super fast and works smoothly all over Bangladesh. Banglalink internet speed is very good wherever you are, be it at home, or wherever you are abroad. They want to give you internet that’s good, cheap, and easy to use.

To simplify things, you can activate or change your internet plan in different ways, like using codes on your phone or through their website or app.

Banglalink Internet Offer 3 days List

Banglalink, one of Bangladesh’s leading telecommunication providers, offers a variety of attractive internet packages to suit the needs of different users. One of their popular offers is the 3-day internet package, designed to provide affordable and efficient internet access for a short period. Here’s a list of some Banglalink internet offers valid for 3 days:

PriceDataValidityUSSD Code
(Activation Code)
9 Taka500 MB3 DaysDail : *5000*309# Or *121*9#
13 Taka150MB3 DAYSDail : *121*13#
20 Taka1 GB1 DaysDail : *121*5020# 
18 Taka250MB3 DAYSDail : *121*18#
23 Taka512MB3 DAYSDail : *121*23#
31 Taka1GB3 DAYSDail : *121*31#
35 Taka3GB Bip+IMO3 DAYSDail : *121*1014#
36 Taka1.5GB3 DAYSDail : *121*36#
41 Taka1.5GB3 DAYSDail : *5000*41#
49 Taka2GB3 DAYSDail : *121*49#
58 Taka3GB3 DAYSDail : *121*58#
64 Taka4GB3 DAYSDail : *121*64#
73 Taka5.5GB3 DAYSDail : *121*73#
89 Taka8GB3 DAYSDail : *121*89#

Banglalink Internet Offer 7 days List

Banglalink is a big phone company in Bangladesh that helps people talk and use the internet. They have many choices for people to use the internet in different ways. Some of these choices give good internet for a week at a low cost. Here is a list of Banglalink’s 7-day internet offers:

PriceDataValidityUSSD Code
(Activation Code)
19 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)100 MB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*19# 
19 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)1GB Facebook + WhatsApp + Instagram pack7 DAYSDail : *121*1050#
29 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)300 MB (Regular Pack)7 DAYS*121*29# 
29 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)2GB (This pack Use only BiP+ IMO + Snapchat browsing )7 DAYSDail : *121*1045#
29 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)1GB YouTube pack 7 DAYSDail : *121*1040#
46 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)2GB Toffee Offer7 DAYSDail : *121*46# 
49 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)500 MB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*49# 
69 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)1GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*69# 
99 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)2GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*99#
99 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)5GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *5000*9*3*2#
108 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)4GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*108#
114 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)7GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*114#
149 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)10GB(5GB+5GB Toffee)+Watch IPL in Toffee7 DAYS
Dail : *121*149# 
169 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)8GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYS Dail : *121*169# 
199 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)12 GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*199# 
249 Taka (Includes VAT, SD and SC)25 GB (Regular Pack)7 DAYSDail : *121*249# 
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Banglalink Internet Offer 30 days

Banglalink also has special internet offers for 30 days, which give people even more time to enjoy the internet. These offers are also easy on the wallet and help people stay connected for a month. Here is a simple list of Banglalink’s 30-day internet offers:

PriceDataValidityUSSD Code
(Activation Code)
49 Tk3GB(incl. 2GB Bonus) Facebook + WhatsApp + Instagram pack30 DAYSDial : *121*1052#
99 Tk3GB (incl. 2GB Bonus) YouTube pack30 DAYSDial : *121*1043#
196 Tk5GB hoichoi, iScreen and TOFFEE streaming + Free subscription30 DAYSDial : *121*196#
119 Tk1.2GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*119#
209 Tk2.5GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*209#
249 Tk3GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*249#
299 Tk6GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*299#
399 Tk12GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*399#
499 Tk40GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*499#
699 Tk45GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*699#
999 Tk55GB (Regular Pack)30 DAYS*121*999#

In 2024, Banglalink might update its internet offers to give users more choices and better services. The updated list will have new and exciting offers for different needs. People can check the latest Banglalink Internet Offer list in 2024 to find the best deals for their use.

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