How Can I Use Banglalink Point – Banglalink Point Kivabe Use Korbo

Before using Banglalink Point you need to know whether you have enough points. For that, you have to check your points first. How to check points is given below first check how many points you have.

Banglalink Points is an extra gift for Banglalink users. You can earn points by recharging money, minutes, or MB on your phone. Joining Banglalink Points is easy – you need a Banglalink SIM card and you’re in! Once you become a member, you collect points immediately.

Start earning points today and buy MB., minutes, and SMS with these points.

How To Check Banglalink Point

To check your Banglalink points, just dial the dial option on your phone then dial the USSD code *121*6#. After dialing the code, you will get a pop-up message on your phone screen that says (Welcome Orange Club) with many options below it. Clicking on Option 1 (Status) will show you your Banglalink Points and other information about your Banglalink account. It is a simple process that does not require any complicated steps, so you can know your points quickly anytime using this method.

  • To check your Banglalink Point just dail : *121*6#
  • Wait a few seconds: After dialing the code, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone screen showing Welcome to Orange Club with 3 Options.
  • Select Number 1 Options (Status)
  • After selecting the status option you can see your Abaible Banglalink Point.

Banglalink Point Buy MB

MB with Banglalink Points is an extra feature offered by Banglalink, a telecommunication company in Bangladesh. This service allows customers to purchase internet data or MB (megabytes) without a main balance or subscription just by using Banglalink points.

To buy MB using Banlalink Point follow simple steps:

  • Firstly you need to dial: *121*6#
  • Then go to (Gift for you) 2 Number Options
  • Thirdly select internet offers
  • Now many packages will show you can buy any package according to your choice.


Banglalink points are automatically collected by us, many of us do not use them, but we can use them to buy minute packs, SMS packs, and internet packages.

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